Track your presentation to see if it works

Trackbat gives you the data that tells you what content is being read, which slides stand out and what your audience understands.

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Trackbat explained in a minute

Track your audience ...

See how many people viewed your presentation and how much they saw so you can better understand your reach.

track individuals

Track Individuals ...

See which individuals viewed your presentation and how far they went so you can judge their interest and follow up accordingly.

track individuals

Find the slides that stand out ...

Track where your audience is captivated and where they drop off so you can continually improve your content.

find slides

Make it interactive ...

Enhance your presentations with multiple choice questions, surveys and email capture forms to collect valuable feedback and engage your audience.

interactive slides

How Trackbat works

1. Upload

Upload your PPTs, PDFs and MS Word docs in a matter of seconds.

2. Share

Share with individuals or with groups to target the audience you want.

3. Learn

Check your reports to better understand your users and your content.